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Mission Quest Kids Devotional (Hardcover) David Jeremiah

Mission Quest Kids Devotional (Hardcover) David Jeremiah

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Are you ready for the most exciting journey you have ever been on? This devotional- Mission Quest- will introduce you to some of the most important people and topics in the Bibkle through a 52-week study of God's word. It features a Mission Quest with a devotional lesson for each week, a Mission Code Scripture and memory verse, a Mission Challenge activity and application, and a Mission COmpleted e-certificate and sticker. Each week's devotional also includes a special Did You Know section and ends with a special prayer tyo our Commander in Chief.

The study of God's Word is so important because it is the life-changing story of God's grace and forgiveness offered to a planet of rebellious people. The quest that God is offering to you will take you farther than you've ever dreamed you go and bring joy than you ever thought you could have. It's filled with wonder and imagination, with love and acceptance, and with the power of friendship of our Creator. 



September 2023

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