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Military History Collector's Set: Hitler's Britain / How Hitler Lost the War (DVD)

Military History Collector's Set: Hitler's Britain / How Hitler Lost the War (DVD)

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HITLER'S BRITAIN London, Spring 1941. Columns of Wehrmacht soldiers make their way along the Mall, swastikas hang from Buckingham Palace and Junkers scream low overhead - a potent symbol of Nazi victory. The Germans have conquered the capital. Churchill and his government have gone into hiding...It's a chilling picture: What would the Nazis have done if they had conquered Britain? Filmed in England and using Allied and German documents, blueprints, and archive film, this two-part documentary - covering both occupation and resistance - answers one of the most intriguing questions in history. And, for the first time ever, Britain's plans for defense are unveiled as cameras explore Churchill's secret wartime citadel and archeologists unearth top-secret bunkers and tunnels.  HOW HITLER LOST THE WAR Insightful and provocative, How Hitler Lost The War offers an unconventional perspective of Germany's defeat in World War II. An eye-opening documentary, the film examines the theory that Germany essentially won and then lost the war before 1942. According to the film, if it weren't for Hitler's political and military mistakes, the United States would have had to stand alone against Nazi Europe and powerful, allied Japan. An unfavorable outcome for the U.S. and a terrifying, uncertain future for the world would have been the likely result of such a standoff.  Highlights of How Hitler Lost The War include illustrative maps, historical footage, and the personal interviews of veterans from both sides of the war, a few of whom knew Hitler personally.  This is a riveting and revealing alternative look at the theories behind and the flaws within Hitler's strategy, which ultimately resulted in Germany's defeat and the downfall of his regime.


July 2022



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