Microsoft Encarta Thesaurus (Paperback) Microsoft

Microsoft Encarta Thesaurus (Paperback) Microsoft

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Words At the Speed of Today

The Microsoft® Encarta® Thesaurus is a portable guide for choosing the right word. Over 200,000 synonyms and antonyms can be accessed from a quick-reference A-Z list of more than 25,000 entries, including clearly labeled slang, informal, technical, and literary terms. Contained in a handy format, it can be slipped easily into any briefcase or schoolbag.

Special features include:

- Over 100 "Compare and Contrast" panels highlight the differences between over 700 words with similar meanings. Find out the difference between "beginner", "apprentice", "greenhorn", and "tyro".
- Over 300 "Word bank" panels provide vocabulary lists for selected topics-e.g., gemstones, dinosaurs, aircraft, and more.
- A "Test Your Wordpower" section enables users to assess their vocabulary range and verbal speed.