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Maybelle in the Soup & Maybelle Goes to Tea (Paperback) Katie Speck

Maybelle in the Soup & Maybelle Goes to Tea (Paperback) Katie Speck

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Two books in one! 

Maybelle in the Soup
Maybelle is a lovely, plump cockroach. She lives in her own cozy little home under the refrigerator of Mr. and Mrs. Peabody. Maybelle knows it's best to stay hidden away, but she simply adores food. Just once she would love to taste something yummy before it hits the floor! When the Peabodys invite a Very Important Guest for dinner, Maybelle can't resist. She takes a teeny taste―and splashes into the biggest adventure of her life!

Maybelle Goes to Tea
Maybelle just can't be content eating crumbs and spills in the dark like a cockroach should. No, Maybelle wants to taste the delicious surprise in Mrs. Peabody's famous Chocolate Surprise Cookies. So when Mrs. Peabody holds a Ladies' Spring Tea, Maybelle follows the advice of her new fly friend, Maurice. She goes for it―and tumbles into another tasty but terrifying adventure in this delightful sequel to Maybelle in the Soup.

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