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Love Like That: 5 Relationship Secrets from Jesus (Paperback) Les Parrott

Love Like That: 5 Relationship Secrets from Jesus (Paperback) Les Parrott

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In this authentic, practical book, Dr. Parrott provides a simple plan to improve all of your relationships--with spouses, family, friends, coworkers, and even strangers. Dr. Parrott takes proven findings from psychology and sociology and blends them with biblical teaching to reveal five transformative ways of relating to people demonstrated by Jesus himself.

In Love Like That, Dr. Parrott gives you the tools you need to love like Jesus, because when you do:

  • you become less detached and more mindful
  • you become less exclusive and more approachable
  • you become less judgmental and more grace-full
  • you become less fearful and more bold
  • you become less self-absorbed and more self-giving

Dr. Parrott teaches us that loving like Jesus can be a daily reality for anyone who chooses it. Why? Because this love isn't elusive. It isn't pie-in-the-sky. It isn't out of reach or relegated to untouchable saints. It's real. Jesus gives us practical examples of how to love in extraordinary ways. And you're likely closer to it than you know.



December 2022

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