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Lord, You Are My Sanctuary (Paperback) Julie Kuykendall

Lord, You Are My Sanctuary (Paperback) Julie Kuykendall

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“When I tried to understand all this, it was oppressive to me, till I entered the sanctuary of God.” Psalm 73:16–17 (NIV)

As Christians, most of us understand that Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection give us eternal life. But how many also know that we have the power to conquer more than just physical death?

When common life experiences such as rejection, divorce, and broken dreams take their toll, they can deaden emotional and spiritual places inside us. That means that even while living, we all, in some form or another, have the facility to die.

Fortunately, God has a plan in place to help us overcome such internal death, and that plan starts with him becoming our living sanctuary―our safe place in times of trouble. But he cannot be that for us, until we let him.

In Lord, You Are My Sanctuary, author Julie Kuykendall guides us on the pathway that leads to the mighty fortress that is Christ, then gives us an alluring yet realistic glimpse of what lies inside―in short, a resurrection power with the astonishing capacity to help us not only conquer death, but also, as it did for the psalmist, bring our lives sharply into focus.

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