Living Simply in God's Abundance (Hardcover) Suzanne Dale Ezell

Living Simply in God's Abundance (Hardcover) Suzanne Dale Ezell

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When women share their stories, they pass along the gift of their struggles, their insight, and their courage.

LivingSimply in God's Abundance is a rich tapestry of wisdom woven from the stories of author Suzanne Dale Ezell and the generations of women who have influenced her.

Following the seasons of a woman’s life –

Spring: filled with wonder;

Summer: actively building family and career;

Autumn: enjoying the benefits of earlier investments;

Winter: increasing in spiritual and personal understanding –

every day's reading offers insight into the joys and struggles of each stage and practical advice for managing and cherishing that stage.

Living Simply in God's Abundance celebrates the unique challenges and opportunities of all the seasons of a woman's life and illuminates the essential materials needed to nurture a contented soul and craft a full life.