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Legend of Nightfall (Paperback) Mickey Zucker Reichert

Legend of Nightfall (Paperback) Mickey Zucker Reichert

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Legendary thief, lethal assassin, powerful sorcerer…. The elusive man known as Nightfall struggles between his criminal past and his present obligation to protect the King in this epic fantasy duology.

He has been known by countless names and terrifying deeds throughout the lands of mankind—thief, magic wielder, swordsman, assassin, adventurer. But chief among those names and perhaps the most dangerous of his personae is that of Nightfall, a man—or perhaps the legendary demon himself—gifted with unique powers which any sorcerer would kill to possess.

Yet though Nightfall has always escaped his pursuers by moving on to new realms, new identities, and new enterprises, even the cleverest of beings must occasionally slip. And when this master of the night finally falls prey to a royal trap, he finds the consequences beyond even his ability to evade. Bound by sorcery and oath to guard and guide a young prince on his quest, Nightfall will need every trick and talent at his command to keep both himself and his idealistic young charge from death at the hands of unknown betrayers.
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