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Kingdom Journeys: Rediscovering the Lost Spiritual Discipline (paperback) Seth Barnes

Kingdom Journeys: Rediscovering the Lost Spiritual Discipline (paperback) Seth Barnes

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In this Busy World, Pilgrimage is the Spiritual Discipline that Will Transform Your Relationship with GodDo you feel like you've been missing out on the abundant life? Most people do.If you take a look at the life of Jesus, you see that he called his disciples to follow him - on a physical journey, a pilgrimage, not just a spiritual one.
Hundreds of books talk about our faith walk as a journey. But few delve into the subject of how a pilgrimage can reinvent and revitalize our spiritual journey with God.
In this book, Seth Barnes, who has sent over 100,000 missionaries all over the world, describes the transformation he has experienced himself and has witnessed in thousands of people as they are changed by God on a physical journey: barriers to God's love are abandoned, dependence is restored, and ego is replaced with a fresh wonder at God's work in the world.
Kingdom Journeys is about the journeys we all take, presented in a series of "initiation steps" by disciples who are taking serious the call to leave everything and simply "go." We must recover the ancient spiritual discipline of pilgrimage if we're going to truly follow Jesus.
When you read this book, you'll learn how God uses pilgrimage to make us more like Jesus, but even more, you'll find yourself ready to begin a pilgrimage of your own.



November 2022

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