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Kidzamm: Superhero Dawn (Paperback) Hermon and Hannah Cotton

Kidzamm: Superhero Dawn (Paperback) Hermon and Hannah Cotton

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KIDZAMM is a story about a young couple who really wanted to have kids and their dream came true but in a very unique way. They were blessed with four amazing superhero kids that were destined to change the world. These kids had superpowers that build character and help others to grow while being kind to one another. The superhero kid’s name in this book is Dawn. Dawn’s superhero powers are understanding, creative, and problem solver. Her ability to impact her family, friends, and community with her superpowers is amazing to explore. The story of Dawn is one of five books in the KIDZAMM book series that highlights how kids can do amazing things that impact their surroundings. Once you start reading about Dawn the superhero, you will be captivated and amazed by her story and journey.

This is the first of many more books to come from Hermon and his daughters, Deonna and Hannah.

This book was inspired by a daddy and daughter relationship that focus- es on building character with kids of all ages. The girls wanted to write about real-life school experiences and events. KIDZAMM allows kids to see ways to communicate and resolve conflict while sharing moments of learning how to build character and values.

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