Katy (paperback) Mary Evelyn Notgrass
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Katy (paperback) Mary Evelyn Notgrass

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Katy Porter likes to climb trees, play with her sister, and ride bikes with her brother. The Porters are a close family. They are brought even closer through a family vacation, a close call in the middle of the night, and an important decision that will affect them all.

Katy is enjoying her summer break from school when her parents tell her they are thinking of homeschooling in the fall. Katy likes being an average girl and is afraid that being homeschooled will make her too different from everyone else. 

Katy's parents will have to decide soon.This summer could bringa  big change for the Porter family. Whatever they decide, it has already brought a big change in Katy's heart, for she is learning that being different is okay after all.


April 2022