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Kate Vaiden (Hardcover) Reynolds Price

Kate Vaiden (Hardcover) Reynolds Price

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The best thing about my life up to here is, nobody believes it.I stopped trying to make people hear it long ago, and I'm nothing but a real middle-sized white woman that has kept on going with strong eyes and teeth for fifty-seven years. You can touch me; I answer. But it got to where I felt like the first woman landed from Pluto- people asking how I lasted through all I claimed and could still count to three, me telling the truth with an effort to smile and then watching them doubt it. So I've kept quiet for years. 

Now I've changed my mind and will try again. Two big new reasons. Nobosy in my family lives for long, and last week I found somebody I;d lost or thrown away. All he knows about me is the little he's heard. He hasn't laid eyes on me since he was a baby and I vanished while he was down for a nap. I may very well be the last thing he wants at this late date. I'm his natural mother; he;s almost forty and has got on without me.



May 2023

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