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Jordan's Star (paperback) Gilbert Morris

Jordan's Star (paperback) Gilbert Morris

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It is Jordan's special star--a celestial token of hope for the life and love she dreams of. How brightly will it shine in the night's darkest hour? A host of stars crowds the desert sky, arching from the east, with its thriving towns, to the western mountains and an unknown future. Bound for the Oregon frontier, Jordan Bryce and her new husband, Colin, a dashing ex-mariner, face danger from both man and nature: a deadly buffalo stampede . . . tragedy at a river crossing . . . hostile Indians . . . and hatred within their wagon train, escalating from bitter words to the point of bloodshed. All that separates the Bryce's party from disaster is seasoned leadership, the skillful guidance of Ty Sublette, and the hand of God. For Jordan, the journey west is more than a trip into an untamed land. It is a passage from a teenage girl's romantic fantasies to the wisdom and character of womanhood. But nothing can prepare Jordan for the testing that awaits her beyond the journey's end. There, in the face of staggering circumstances, she will face an impossible decision . . . as two good men--one wounded by past grief, the other branded by his own impetuousness--struggle with the demands of faith and honor on behalf of the woman they love.


December 2022

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