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Jesus vs Christianity: The Myth of Heaven and Hell (paperback) Michael Dybicz

Jesus vs Christianity: The Myth of Heaven and Hell (paperback) Michael Dybicz

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A controversial and yet inspirational book - a comparison of the teachings of Jesus to traditional Christianity. This book systematically dismantles the traditional Christian model of Jesus as the only Son of God, presents new research on how Jesus performed miracles (consistent with modern day quantum physics) and details the first accurate rendition of the crucifixion in print. If you are interested in a true picture of the early Christian era and a 21st century understanding of the advanced teachings of the "Enlightened One", this book is a must read. The intention is not to offend but rather to disclose information that strives to more accurately depict the early Christian era and the teachings of the "Enlightened Jesus". One of the unique aspects of this book is that many of the sources used are avoided by traditional Christian authors. The reason for this is that some of the sources blatantly contradict traditional Christian dogma. By using non-traditional ancient records (such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Lost Gospel Q, The Essene Gospel of Peace, The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ and the Gospel of Thomas) in conjunction with traditional sources, "a new Enlightened Jesus" is introduced. A sample of the revelations, documented by an array of sources, include the following: - The Roman-Jewish War, which commenced only 30 years after the crucifixion, decimated Palestine and the authentic Jesus movement. Roman legions left Palestine in ruins and killed over 1,000,000 Jews, including many of the inner circle of Jesus. This travesty paved the way for the Roman Greco strain of Christianity, known today as the Catholic Church, to become dominant and yet distorted version of the life and teachings of Jesus. These facts have been obscured by traditional Christianity for 2,000 years. - Jesus did not start a new religion. He taught an enlightened lifestyle based on a highly evolved blend of spirituality and science, with the aim of accelerating the pace of human evolution. To evolve into His enlightened state, Jesus encouraged humanity to follow his model lifestyle (scientific spirituality). Two of His core teachings were the Golden Rule and the karmic law of cause and effect ("As you sow so shall you reap"). - Many sources, including the Gospels, are used to document a startling revelation for most Christians. Jesus taught that we evolve gradually via reincarnation. Further, because many of our challenges originate with unresolved prior life events, Jesus taught that remembering our prior lives provide a shortcut to understanding and resolving some of our most agonizing problems. Thus, His teachings clearly reject the "heaven or hell alternative" of Christianity and embrace modern day past life regression practices. - Although the crucifixion was a results of many factors, one of the reasons was karmic in nature, specifically tied to prior life events of Jesus. - Paul, the so-called superstar of early Christianity, was in fact a counterfeit Apostle. Research of the past 100 years leave little doubt that that the Apostles, and the balance of the inner circle, considered Paul their enemy and an adversary of the authentic teachings of Jesus. - One of the many reasons why Paul was considered an enemy of the inner circle was that he played a key role in the murder of James, the brother of Jesus. Based on the research of the past two centuries, James (versus Peter) is recognized by most, if not all, of traditional Christian scholars to have been the leader of the authentic Jesus movement after the crucifixion. A new Jesus era of research, re-evaluation and disclosure is upon us. It is only now, in the 21st century, that humanity can comprehend and benefit from the model lifestyle that the "Enlightened Jesus" taught 2,000 years ago. The goal of this book is to play some small role in this ongoing process.

May 2022

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