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Intrepid Warriors (paperback) Tracee Anne Loosle

Intrepid Warriors (paperback) Tracee Anne Loosle

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Intercession is truly an dadventure! It is a journey into the heart of the Father and partnering with Him to see His will manifest on the earth. Effective, fearless intercession is not for the faint of heart; the Intrepid Warrior is faced with life or death assignments, in which lives and destinies hang in the balance, waiting for those who will wage the war to win. This can be you!

In Intrepid Warriors, Living a Life of Fearless Intercession, author Tracee Anne Loosle imparts truths of intercession as she teaches and shares from her life experiences as head intercessor of Global Awakening, under Randy Clark, and as a seasoned minister and intercessor in many nations, including Brazil, India, the Ukraine, and South Africa, among others. In these pages you will learn the strategies that will bring heaven to earth through fearless prayer. Will you accept this invitation to follow the Lord into the unknown and be a releaser of His will?

Come, learn the importance of spiritually aligned intercession; speak the decrees that dismantle, blessings that build, and sounds that shift! Break the barriers of fear and break through, break out, and break forth!

November 2023

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