Imposters in Paradise (Paperback) Maxine Barry
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Imposters in Paradise (Paperback) Maxine Barry

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Imogen Dacres is flying to Bermuda to investigate the mysterious death of her brother when the unthinkable happens. The plane crashes.

She wakes up in hospital where she learns three things:

One: everyone thinks she is the wealthy Isadora Van Harte.
Two: no one else survived the crash.
Three: some scary-looking men are outside looking for Imogen Dacres.

Realizing they must be connected to her brother’s death, Imogen assumes Isadora Van Harte’s identity. Can she keep safe long enough to find out what happened to her brother?

She might have a chance if she can keep her mind off her prime suspect, Morgan Dax, who just happens to be drop-dead gorgeous . . .

Don't miss this gripping and enjoyable romantic suspense novel perfect for fans of Danielle Steele, Josephine Cox, Nora Roberts or Jackie Collins.

March 2022