I Will if You Will (Paperback) Maxie L. Hellmann
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I Will if You Will (Paperback) Maxie L. Hellmann

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At the onset of 2012, John and Maxie went on the road in a journey of faith and obedience that continues to this day.  God’s calling on their lives has led them from their hometown in North Carolina, to encounters, interactions, and interventions, all across this nation; each one revealing His pursuit of repentance in the heart of the American Church.

For too long we’ve believed the lie that as Christians, we can walk in God’s blessings, while living our lives however we choose—yes, the Father’s love for us is unwavering, but His righteousness and holiness are too.     

Following Maxie’s From Our Wicked Ways, which documented her year-long journey of sharing one message from the Lord with every pastor in Hickory, North Carolina, comes I Will If You Will: a profound demonstration of how the Lord is bringing this burden from the city gates to the nation walls.  

In these pages one will hear a cry that echoes the heartbeat of Heaven, a question of commitment that every believer must come to terms with, and the burden to see a Bride waiting for Her Groom…waiting with oil in her lamp…waiting in white.