How to Train Your Parents in  6 1/2 Days / A - 17 (Paperback) Margit Crane, MA, MS, MEd

How to Train Your Parents in 6 1/2 Days / A - 17 (Paperback) Margit Crane, MA, MS, MEd

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2011 Mom's Choice Award-Winning Book! Parents, are you having a power struggle with your tween or teen? Teens, Do you wish your parents would talk less and listen more? Are they in your business all the time? Are you craving more freedom? Would you like more respect? Want some solutions? How To Train Your Parents in 6-1/2 Days is a “parenting” book for teens - sort of a how to get your parents to behave,” says author Margit Crane of her latest title. “I wanted to write a book that breaks down exactly what parents are thinking and feeling so that tweens and teens can learn that this isn’t a contest over who will win. Both teens and parents can hold onto their dignity and power without overpowering each other.”    Written in a lighthearted tone with plenty of humor, Margit Crane offers loads of tricks, tools, strategies and scripts to entertain and instruct. “I’m hearing that parents enjoy the book as well and that makes me very happy,” Margit offers. “I believe that the world would be more peaceful all around if families got along better.” How to Train Your Parents in 6 1/2 Days is available on and at "I loooooooove this book! It’s so good, so funny, and oh so helpful. If you want to build a better relationship with your parents, Margit Crane's book is the best one on the market. She is able to put you in your parents' shoes and put them in yours. The writing style in this book is hilarious and communicates the pointers and tips very well to teens. When you finish reading this book, you will be able to get your parents to treat you the way you want to be treated." -- Daryn K., age 14 “How to Train Your Parents in 6 1/2 Days is a stroke of genius! It's written in language that is accessible and engaging to teens. It's also full of insights into a teen's mind for parents and other adults - counselors, teachers, advisors, leaders, and coaches - who work with teens but have forgotten what it's like to be one." --Rabbi Justin Kerber, Temple Emanuel, St. Louis, Missouri “What an amazing and insightful book! As a mother of teenagers and a teacher of teens, this book helped me to realize how much I have to learn from the teenagers around me. Margit Crane speaks directly to teens, in an authentic, compassionate and witty way, addressing key issues that can transform any teen-adult relationship. How to Train Your Parents in 6 ½ Days is an awesome tool (maybe even a secret weapon) for teenagers, helping them to see their own power in any communication situation, when it otherwise might feel like no one will ever understand them.” --Betina Hsieh, Ph.D., Doctor of Secondary Education