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How To Pray For Release Of The Holy Spirit (Paperback) Dennis Bennett

How To Pray For Release Of The Holy Spirit (Paperback) Dennis Bennett

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The 1973 Yearbook of the Encyclopedia Britannica states: When, in 1960 Father Dennis Bennett announced to his congregation that he had experienced a new outpouring of God's Spirit, the movement can be said to have begun. He is the author of the best–selling book, Nine O'Clock in the Morning, and the co–author of the charismatic classic, The Holy Spirit and You. Reverend Bennett and his wife, Rita, founded the Christian Renewal Association in Edmonds, Washington.

God is exciting and wonderful, and knowing Him is what life is all about. In spite of this, for many people, even if they've accepted Jesus, Christianity is not exciting at all. This is because, although the Spirit of God may be living in them, He's still locked up inside. (From the Introduction, by Dennis Bennett)

Throughout the late 20th century, the joy and freedom of the Holy Spirit has been released in a spectacular way in the historic churches. Over that time, Dennis Bennett has prepared and prayed with at least twenty–five thousand people for the release or baptism of the Holy Spirit.

As one of the pioneers and leaders of this great renewal, Bennett is uniquely qualified to present this on the job handbook for those who are seeking to release the power of the Holy Spirit in their own lives and others.

This practical, comprehensive manual answers the questions that are the most often asked about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, and shows you how to prepare and guide others for this release. Reverend Bennett shows you how to be more effective in this ministry by first preparing yourself, and then following time–tested, orderly guidelines for leading others into the exciting, full life of the Spirit.

June 2023

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