House Call (hardcover) Darden North, MD
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House Call (hardcover) Darden North, MD

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No one would ever make the connection between the deaths: a young, attractive female nurse left brutally stabbed and floating in her bathtub and a prominent, older physician who drowns after tumbling from his deer stand. However, in his first novel, the author masterfully weaves a fabric of secret self-indulgences, reverse discrimination, diverse sexual interests, and murder, and then drapes it across a fictional southern community. Lurking on the periphery, indirectly touching nearly every colorful character in this medical thriller, is a demonic killer whose victims share the wounds of a twisted psyche. The unique qualities of this murder mystery lie in its gripping realism wrapped in intense personal tragedy. House Call appeals to men and women readers of all ages and occupations who crave fast-paced fiction ending with a surprising twist. Readers have labeled House Call a "can't-put-it-down, page-turner." Its references to medical care situations and characters blend perfectly with the novel's depiction of emotional human drama.



March 2022