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Hearing From Heaven (Paperback) Gloria Copeland

Hearing From Heaven (Paperback) Gloria Copeland

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Find The Answers You Need!

Are you filled with uncertainty when it comes to dealing with life's numerous transitions? Do questions face you at every turn? 

You can set the right course for God's best for your life! He has made a way for you to hear from Him for the answers and direction you need.

Drawing on more than 40 years of ministry, world-renowned speaker and author Gloria Copeland shares insights on how to position yourself to hear from God. She helps you:

- Understand that availability is more important than ability.

- Avoid the distractions that keep you from hearing God's voice.

-Learn how to be sensitive to His promptings.

-Grasp how you can be transformed to think and act like Him.

-Build a lifestyle of hearing God and being stirred by Him.


Don't make your destiny a complicated issue any longer! Learn how simple it is to know God's will and take His course of actions.

Start Hearing From Heaven today!



June 2023


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