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Hang Fire: Steve Martinez Series, Book 4 (Hardcover) Henry Kisor

Hang Fire: Steve Martinez Series, Book 4 (Hardcover) Henry Kisor

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When a pretty teacher is killed by a muzzle-loading ball during an encampment of historical re-enactors Sheriff Steve Martinez is troubled by her role-playing persona as a frontier prostitute.

Sex can be a motive for murder. But the death is ruled an accident. Besides killing a person with a muzzle-loader takes way too much time and effort.

The next few months however bring a surprising number of seemingly unrelated muzzle-loading deaths. A statistical anomaly or something worse?

To find the answer Steve must battle skeptics a lack of forensic evidence an ever shrinking budget and a rocky romance with his longtime love.

Hot on the trail in the deep woods he suddenly discovers that he is his quarry s newest target.


December 2022

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