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Handwriting on the Wall Study Guide Volume II (paperback) David Jeremiah

Handwriting on the Wall Study Guide Volume II (paperback) David Jeremiah

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Some people order Chinese take-out food and read the fortune cookie first. Others seak a peak at the horoscope in the paper, hoing no one notices. People everywhere want to know the future - but there;s only one reliable source. 

There are two ways approach the future: with fear or with faith. And the surest way to develop faith about the future is to stay close to God. To prophets like Daniel, God revealed His plans for the future - before they happened. When Daniel foretold the rise and fall of kings and kingdoms in the ancient world, he proved himself to be a true prophet. In this second volume of The Handwriting on the Wall series, Dr. David Jeremiah explains Daniel's prophecies line by line, building your faith in the process. 

You won't find your personal fortune in the book of Daniel, but you will ecounter a God who plans the future and tells those plans to His prophet. Knowing that God knows the beginning and the end means you'll never have to worry about the future again.

September 2023

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