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Guarding the Gospel of Grace (paperback) David M. Levy

Guarding the Gospel of Grace (paperback) David M. Levy

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It's amazing how even the "littlest" misunderstanding about God's grace can complicate the Christian life. When we lack peace, joy, or victory in our walk with Christ, oftentimes it's because we're not clear on how God's grace works in our lives. In some cases, the little misunderstandings can lead to more tragic results. It's safe to say that much incorrect Bible teaching and most cults get their start from the same place: an erroneous view of God's grace. "Grace" is a word we all hear frequently. We cannot help but sense there is something very special about God's grace. But do we really know what it is? And how it changes our lives? That's what the book of "Galatians" is all about. The book of "Jude" goes a step further and tells the results of those who stray from the gospel of grace. And both are brought together in David Levy's book, "Guarding the Gospel of Grace: Contending for the Faith in the Face of Compromise." Learn about the difference that God's grace can make in your life…it's nothing less than amazing!

April 2022

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