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Girl's Guide to Money (paperback) Rebecca Totilo

Girl's Guide to Money (paperback) Rebecca Totilo

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Are you in the money? Or are you still looking for that great pay day? Either way, The Christian Girl's Guide to Money will show you how to cash in on the bucks you have – and how to earn more. Take a quiz to find out the best job for you, then follow our tips for building your biz to the max! And don't forget about God: that offering plate isn't just for adults, y'know. Find out His plan for giving back so you're sure to be serving Him while you're saving and spending!

Find out--

  • How to manage and save money
  • How to share and give responsibly
  • How to make wise spending choices (Do I really need it...)
  • Over 35 fun ways to make money


7 Key Features of The Girl's Guide Series from RoseKidz®

1. Just for Girls!

    From how to make friends to how to get along with mom, each guide tackles challenges young girls face. Perfect for tweens ages 10-12. Uses relatable stories, humor, and easy-to-understand explanations. Be sure to check out the entire series!

    2. Helps Girls Connect with God!

      With interactive stories, activities, quizzes and more, the Girl's Guide series is all about helping preteens relate to God in all aspects of life! Growing up can be tough, but knowing that God loves you makes it way more awesome! Thought-provoking questions and journaling space will show your preteen that she really can talk to God about anything and everything!

      3. Practical!

        In the turn of a page, easily show your preteen how to apply biblical principles to her life! Packed with practical advice to teach girls how to respond to challenges, like cyber-bullying, managing money, and raising self-esteem. Watch your preteen build wise decision-making habits as she learns to stand firm in her faith and develop a lasting relationship with the Lord!

        4. Fun and Interactive

          It's never been easier to engage preteens in the Word of God! Features fun quizzes, hands-on crafts and lots of journal space for girls to explore their identity in Christ in multiple ways!

          5. Relevant and Relatable

            Features fun how-to's, interactive quizzes, helpful advice, relatable stories, and top 10 lists that give practical advice at a glance. Fully-illustrated and age-appropriate themes set an example for preteens to grow up into godly women as they reflect on their own daily choices.

            6. Bible-Based

              Uses Scripture to teach lessons, offers encouragement, and provides applications for daily life. Includes memory verses and encouraging Scriptures your preteen can take anywhere!

              7. Multiple Uses

                Perfect for reading as a devotional or as a part of a preteen youth group curriculum. Great for before bedtime, a first thing in the morning activity, during Sunday school, a girl's after school Bible study, and so much more!


                May 2023

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