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Flourish: Live Free, Live Loved (hardcover) Margaret Feinberg

Flourish: Live Free, Live Loved (hardcover) Margaret Feinberg

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What would a flourishing life look like for you? Take a moment to imagine.

Instead of surviving your days, you savor each moment. Every hour you feel dazzlingly aware of God's love and presence.

Join Margaret Feinberg for this 52-week devotional that's like reading a treasured letter from a longtime friend. Through her winsome stories and heart for Scripture's healing beauty, you'll discover deep encouragement on every page. Beautiful coloring pages beckon you to slow down and reflect on Scripture.
  • Plant yourself in the depths of God's love.
  • Grow in courage through persistent and consistent prayer.
  • Blossom in freedom by facing the fears that hold you back.

No matter what you've been through or what you're facing, God longs for you to thrive.

A lush life awaits. Are you ready to flourish?

September 2023

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