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First the Dead: Bug Man Series, Book 3 (paperback) Tim Downs

First the Dead: Bug Man Series, Book 3 (paperback) Tim Downs

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When a national disaster strikes, "first the living" is the rule.

Unless you're the Bug Man.

When Hurricane Katrina strikes New Orleans, forensic entomologist Nick Polchak signs up to help with the recovery effort. He is known as the Bug Man for his knowledge of insects and what they can reveal about the dead. The government's mandate is clear--rescue the living first, recover the dead later.

But something is 
very wrong in the toxic soup-bowl of post-Katrina New Orleans.

Someone is using the cover of disaster to kill...hiding the victims of murder in the same watery grave as the victims of Katrina.

It's a tale 
only the dead can tell. But no one besides the Bug Man is listening.



November 2022

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