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Firebird: Firebird Series, Book 1 (Paperback) Kathy Tyers

Firebird: Firebird Series, Book 1 (Paperback) Kathy Tyers

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Lady Firebird was born a princess of the royal family of Naetai. Because of her birthplace in the family, however, her life is expendable. Honorable suicide is the highest calling she could hope to attain. When she is chosen to lead an attack on the neighboring planet of VeeRon her death is expected. She is taken prisoner during the battle and is held by the enemy.

With her own people seeking her sacrifice, Firebird must choose between two worlds before she can carve out her new destiny. This is the story of Princess Firebird's personal spiritual battle and the eternal consequences it has not only for herself but for everyone around her and especially the man who loves her.



March 2023

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