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Favorite Son (Hardcover) Steve Sohmer

Favorite Son (Hardcover) Steve Sohmer

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It begins with an assassination. A Nicaraguan freedom fighter is gunned down on live TV while being welcomed to the United States by Sen. Terry Fallon. Though shot and wounded, Fallon, an up-and-coming political star from Texas, survives, and milks the spotlight with help from his ambitious and fiercely loyal press aide Sally Crain.
As the nominating convention looms on the horizon, incumbent president, Samuel Baker, faces an uphill battle in his fight for a second term. His campaign needs an injection of new blood—and who better than Fallon, the newly crowned hero? But Baker’s existing vice president isn’t going down without a fight . . .
Thrust into the hunt for the assassin, two FBI agents, a grizzled veteran, and a brash rookie, soon learn that nothing is as it seems in the corridors—and bedrooms—of power. Political operatives fight tooth and nail to control the narrative, secrets are exposed and exploited, and a deadly virus is weaponized, all to cover up a conspiracy that could topple the American government. 
But for the most dangerous man in the world, everything is falling into place, making it easier than ever for his ascendency . . .


September 2022

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