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Exodus The Great Deliverance (paperback) E.G. White

Exodus The Great Deliverance (paperback) E.G. White

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Reared in the ways of the God of the heavens during his early childhood, Moses, who was drawn from the water, was moved from his humble abode to one of privilege with every amenity. Temptation abounded, but the teaching of his mother in the way of truth lingered in his mind, even as he was tutored in the schools of the pharaoh. With his leadership and military training behind him, yet convinced of his sacred duty, he ached to see his people suffer. Thus, Moses committed the same grave error of many of his ancestors: taking matters into his own hands. An Egyptian oppressor died because of Moses’ misguided fervor, which sent him fleeing as a fugitive.

In the mountains of Moses’ refuge, God broke down the strongholds of Egyptian influence. As forty years of Moses’ life passed in his wilderness hideaway, God instilled in His servant lessons of faith, patience, humility, and reverence.

When Moses was humbled, God met him at the burning bush. He trembled at the thought of returning to the land of his birth to face a brotherly foe. Only then did God lay out His detailed instruction to rescue the Hebrew people.

Together Moses and his brother Aaron took the message of God to the earthly king: “Let My people go.” The pharaoh met the brothers’ approach with wrath: “I know not Jehovah, neither will I let Israel go,” boasting that their God had no power to deliver them. Hence, a series of plagues bombarded the people of the Nile. Just before the tenth and final plague, Moses instructed God’s chosen with their course of action. They needed to submit to His command through obedience to heavenly direction just as we need to be surrendered so that we can be saved.



August 2022

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