Evidence That Demands a Verdict (paperback) Josh McDowell
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Evidence That Demands a Verdict (paperback) Josh McDowell

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This is a good starting place for someone looking for religion or looking to increase their faith in Christianity. It is difficult reading, but the format would work well as a reference guide. I truly glory in the things in this book and I hope it can advance the Christian cause. I do consider myself a Christian believer, but putting myself on the outside looking in, I can see there is no slam dunk here. As one can readily see from previous reviews, the physical evidence can be explained away. There is some very compelling evidence in this book, but the vast majority of the evidence consists of reasoning (though I believe the reasoning for the most part to be sound) with the accounts written from within the Bible itself, or theologians commenting on it. The most credible accounts are from the Jewish historian, Josephus, though in recent decades even some of his accounts have come into question. There is reference to some lost Old Testament cities that have been recovered in recent decades.



April 2022