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Evel Knievel / Stunts (a.k.a. Who Is Killing The Stuntmen?) (DVD)

Evel Knievel / Stunts (a.k.a. Who Is Killing The Stuntmen?) (DVD)

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Perfect for the stunt enthusiast, this thrilling double feature brings some of history's most notorious stunts and stuntmen to cinematic life. EVIL KNIEVEL: Marvin J. Chomsky directs this biopic of the legendary motorcycle stuntman, Evil Knievel. George Hamilton plays Knievel, who takes several moments to discuss his various accomplishments before taking on a large jump. Much of the film was shot around Knievel's actual hometown of Butte, Montana.STUNTS: After a stunt man dies while making a motion picture, his brother takes his place in order to find out what really happened. Thrilling stunts add to the action of this suspense story.



July 2022

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