Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement (Paperback) Living Language

Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement (Paperback) Living Language

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A Quick, Easy-to-Use Program for:
Police Officers, Law Enforcement Administrators, and Support Personnel

Ready to use on the job, Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement is a vital tool for anyone working with the Spanish-speaking community. With the easy pronunciation guide you'll be able to speak Spanish immediately. Clearly organized by situation, the book covers more than 2,500 essential words and phrases.

                Phrasebook format makes it easy to find the right words and phrases.
                Phonetic transcriptions help you pronounce Spanish correctly.
                Culture notes address sensitive issues.
                Brief grammar and vocabulary notes help you communicate better.
                Two-way glossary and grammar summary are great for reference.

Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement includes many common situations, such as basic traffic stops, DUI procedures, gang-related violence, domestic abuse, interviewing witnesses, reading Miranda rights, booking a suspect, and supervising prisoner activities.

Also Available: Essential Spanish for Law Enforcement book/cassette package, which includes this manual, along with two cassettes and a quick reference guide.