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Equivocal Death (hardcover) Amy Gutman

Equivocal Death (hardcover) Amy Gutman

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Twenty-six-year-old Harvard Law grad Kate Paine thinks she has the perfect job, but it's about to become her worst nightmare. She's been hand-picked by Carter Mills, the magnetic senior partner of the prestigious and intimidating Samson & Mills, to join the firm as an associate. Like the other associates at the high-powered firm, she has no life except the one inside Samson & Mills, with its marble floors and panoramic views of the Manhattan skyline. Soon she finds herself working on a high-profile sexual harassment case, assigned to defend the controversial editor of the notorious men's magazine Catch. Privileged to be working side by side with Carter Mills and another senior partner, the glamorous Madeleine Waters, Kate thinks she has it all under control - until Madeleine is found viciously murdered and Kate's carefully constructed world begins to fall apart. A cryptic warning from Madeleine just before her death leaves Kate to wonder - could she be the next victim?



November 2022

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