Education That Is Christian (Paperback) Lois E. Lebar
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Education That Is Christian (Paperback) Lois E. Lebar

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Is there a distinctive Christian system of education? Lois LeBar shows that there is such a system, and she defines it clearly. Her aim in this book is to help teachers discover the distinctive Christian system of education and to help Christians produce literature and visual aids from a Scriptural viewpoint.

In order to reach Scriptural conclusions, the reader is led through the process of studying the methods of the Teacher "come from God," the Old Testament wilderness school, the emphases of Paul's major sermons in Acts and of his epistles, the example of the life of David. From these sources is derived the nature of the teaching-learning process, the relation of authority and creativity, the relation of the human and Divine teachers, and the implementation of these principles in structuring curriculum units and lessons.

Dr. LeBar emphasizes that intimate personal experience in the Lord should go together with Biblical facts and doctrine. Here is a book so overflowing with spiritual reality and power that it cannot help but bring new light and a life of transformed service to everyone who reads it.