Dreams, Realities, and Ponderings (Paperback) Becky L Parker
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Dreams, Realities, and Ponderings (Paperback) Becky L Parker

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This collection of fictional short stories tells of Dreams, Realities and Ponderings.
The dreams of one young man diagnosed as Mentally Challenged surprised his family, teachers and peers when he signs up for a talent show. In his mind A Star Was Born and the talent show was his opportunity to show he had worth! Chapter two questions the reality of unexpected guests. Were they real or was it a dream? Chapter three had some unforeseen dangers in The Summer Job. The next story asks you to use all five senses to read the surroundings of a college campus. Chapter five will spike your imagination about The Door. Then in Chapter six Lord Willing and the Creeks Don’t Rise may have you consider all those phrases you heard as a child and how you pictured what they meant.