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Double Fudge Murder (hardcover) Jan Fields

Double Fudge Murder (hardcover) Jan Fields

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Join Jillian Green in the enchanting town of Moss Hollow, Georgia, as she mixes up a batch of mystery and intrigue. After twenty years away, a career detour, and a large helping of heartbreak, she returns to the land of sweet tea and a Southern charm to help her grandmother run the family business, The Chocolate Shoppe Bakery. Along the way, Jillian is surprised to find that what she lacks in culinary skill, she more than makes up for in amateur detective work!

Jillian and her sweet new friends in the local baking club embark on investigations into the curious events taking place in their hometowm. with reminders all the while that family, friendships- and a dash of adventure- are essential ingredients for a full and happy life. Treat yourself to the delightful decadence of the Chocolate Shoppe Mysteries-- stories that are sure to melt your heart. 


March 2022

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