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Dirty Christians: How to Serve God in a Messy World (paperback) Paul Daniel Brown

Dirty Christians: How to Serve God in a Messy World (paperback) Paul Daniel Brown

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Jesus Got His Hands Dirty. What About You? Jesus did not share the gospel with the poor, profane, and rebellious where they lived just so that we would share it only with the prim and proper, in churches. He did not suffer the agony of the cross so that we would live safely within the church walls, untouched by the hurting world around us. He was not raised from the dead to new life so that we would keep ourselves, His message, and His power out of reach of the people who need it. Jesus got His hands dirty, interacting with a messy world to reach those He loves. Today, our church services, music, look, attitudes, and actions are all are so clean and proper, it's hard for anyone to be touched by them. In trying to be clean, we have forgotten how messy life can be. To be effective for Him, we must start serving as He did, where life is messy. Dirty Christians is a call for the people of Christ to... • Leave the safety of the church to venture out into the messiness of the real world of people with deep hurts, serious issues, and torn apart lives, and love them as He did • Chase after the life of service and love-the standard to which He has called us • Discover in the messiness of serving God why being Christlike cannot be an option, but must be a necessity • Experience the power of God as never before as we do what Jesus did and love as He loved Dirty Christians is not a "let's feel good about ourselves" kind of book. If you're up for the challenge to live Jesus out to this world, read it...and see what God can do through you when you dare to live out a messy faith.

September 2023

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