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Dick Tracy, Detective / Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (DVD)

Dick Tracy, Detective / Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (DVD)

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Dick Tracy, Detective
The body count has mounted to fifteen victims when Dick Tracy gets involved in the investigation. The victims come from every facet of society and economic status. The one common denominator is the method of their demise . . . they were all slashed to pieces. Now our hero must find the linkage that will lead him to the culprit before the killer strikes again.

Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome
The inimitable Boris Karloff guest stars as the titular Gruesome, an escaped prisoner who is planning a daring bank robbery. The robbers use a gas that temporarily paralyses the bank's employees and customers allowing them quick access and escape. Unfortunately for them, one customer, Tess Truehart (Anne Gwynne), is unaffected, and telephones Dick Tracy (Ralph Byrd) for help.



July 2022

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