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Devoted : Elixir Book 2 of 3 (paperback) Hilary Duff

Devoted : Elixir Book 2 of 3 (paperback) Hilary Duff

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Elixir Book 2 of 3 


Clea Raymond believes her soulmate, Sage, is lost forever, and it rips her apart. She is haunted by memories of him being taken away by his enemies. Then strange signs and dreams point to a way she can possibly win him back. To succeed, she’ll have to put her faith in her former best friend Ben—despite the devastating reason he’s lost her trust.
     As Clea and Ben follow a dangerous and mysterious trail across the globe to reach Sage, all their loyalties will be tested. And Clea will face a terrible choice—she can save Sage, but only by betraying the people closest to her. With Sage’s immortal soul in the balance, whatever Clea decides will change her life forever….


March 2023

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