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Dear Kerri : Love Notes, Book 2 of 11 (Paperback) Danielle Keil

Dear Kerri : Love Notes, Book 2 of 11 (Paperback) Danielle Keil

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Love Notes, Book 2 of 11

Everyone at Ryder High knows what it means to have a teal envelope taped to their locker on the first day of the month.

But for Kerri Thomas, it’s not quite the moment she was waiting for.

Busy with school, friends, and volleyball, she doesn’t know if she has time to play along and figure out who her Secret Admirer is.

The clues send her on a wild scavenger hunt, proving that her admirer knows her better than she expected.

But none of the clues give her hints about the guy.

Kerri has a team of suspects, including her friends on the baseball team, but narrowing it down is near impossible without more information.

Who could be Kerri’s secret admirer, and why isn’t he revealing anything about himself?

Will Kerri be able to put the pieces of the puzzle together to figure it out?

June 2023

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