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Daddy's Little Girl (Paperback) Carmen McLean

Daddy's Little Girl (Paperback) Carmen McLean

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This book helps us define our true identity in Christ and understand what it means to be God's little girl. Through life's challenges and heartbreaks, we can lose sight of who we are and who we have been created to be. We lose sight of how much our heavenly Father loves us and the inheritance He has given. Shame, insecurity, worthlessness and rejection are fierce opponents that try to keep us from enjoying the benefits of being a child of God, but God has made a way through His Son Jesus to break us free from these strongholds. This book describes the journey of finding the love of God and experiencing His amazing plan of restoration. As a child, disaster struck my family, and in the process, my identity, along with other costly treasures, was lost. I had developed serious identity and image issues, and in His grace, God opened my eyes to the beauty and favor He wanted to bestow upon me. God wants to show you through His love and grace how valuable you are to Him and wants to break you free from the chains that have kept you bound.

September 2022

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