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Cultivate (Paperback) Lara Casey

Cultivate (Paperback) Lara Casey

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A flourishing, fulfilling life is possible—no perfection required!

Too many of us think we have to have it all together in order to live a meaningful life. Instead of feeling put together, we end up feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, and exhausted as we try to figure out how to do it all.

Author, business owner, and mom to three Lara Casey has been there, too. In Cultivate, she offers this grace-filled advice: we can't do it all and do it well, but we can choose to cultivate what matters

Written as part encouragement anthem and part practical guide, Cultivate offers wisdom from God's Word alongside lessons Lara has learned in her own life--and in her garden--giving you the tools you need to:

  • Discern what matters most to you
  • Embrace the season of life that you're in
  • Find the joy and freedom that comes with cultivating what matters

Let Lara be your guide as you learn to cultivate what matters, little by little, with the help of God's transforming grace.

Praise for Cultivate:

"Cultivate is rich soil for the soul! Whether you are a new sprout, just beginning to brave life in the light; a tender shoot fighting for space among rocks and weeds; or a mature plant in need of nurture and pruning, this book will help you thrive. With her characteristic honesty, humility, and patience, Lara Casey uses her spiritual 'green thumb' to gently nudge us toward an intentional life of godliness and growth. If you are ready for a new season of spiritual growth, dig into Cultivate and get ready to bloom!"

--Elizabeth Laing Thompson, author of When God Says "Wait"

May 2023

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