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Cry of the Spirit (Paperback) Smith Wigglesworth

Cry of the Spirit (Paperback) Smith Wigglesworth

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Only Believe! "I'm a thousand times bigger on the inside than on the outside!" "Fee looks; faith jumps!" These statements were heard by thousands of people who sat under one of the most unusual ministries of this century: the ministry of Smith Wigglesworth. His ministry has survived successfully for more than forty years since his death in 1947. It is of importance to state that for a ministry to be producing eternal results this far after its natural conclusion means that one lived a life of obedience and spoke words of life more than opinion and views. I have spent many exciting hours reading Smith Wigglesworth's sermons and inter-viewing people who knew him or attended his gospel crusades. Many describe him with the same adjectivies, such as "authoritative, bold, compassionate, very challenging," calling him a "man of eternal value" who lifed a "life full of faith." "The cry of the Spirit that came through Smith Wigglesworth still can be heard today through these sermons. I believe they will lift you to new horizons in your personal relationship with Jesus." Roberts Liardon


January 2022

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