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Crimes of the Heart (DVD)

Crimes of the Heart (DVD)

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Three Oscar-winning actresses have a go at one of playwright Beth Henley's southern-fried comedies, and cook up an agreeable gumbo. In the town of Hazelhurst, Mississippi, Diane Keaton dithers her birthday away as one sister (Jessica Lange) returns from a flopped attempt at a singing career in Hollywood, and the other sister (Sissy Spacek) languishes in jail after shooting her abusive hubby. Truth be told, all three have been a little touched in the head ever since the long-past day when their mother hanged herself along with the family cat. Bruce Beresford provides the workmanlike direction, and Sam Shepard and Tess Harper contribute supporting turns. But this one's all about the three skillful stars, who eschew showboating and defer to each other with real grace--they have the rhythms of family conversation down pat, and they embody the glances and sighs of sisterhood, rather than acting them. 



October 2022

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