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Coree: Secrets, Secrets, Secrets - Book Three (Paperback) Godron Goss & Teresa Richardson

Coree: Secrets, Secrets, Secrets - Book Three (Paperback) Godron Goss & Teresa Richardson

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Outside, a deadly torrent of rain and wind threatens to tear her town to shreds. But for sixteen-year-old Coree Calhoun, the most devastating storm is the one brewing in her heart and mind. As she house-sits for her best friend’s family, Coree is forced to come face-to-face with a flood of painful memories. And with electrical service, phone, and Internet ripped away by the inclement weather, there’s no one to distract or help her through it besides herself.

Their small Mississippi city crippled by the growing storm, Coree’s family and friends also find themselves powerless against their past indiscretions, while their isolation forces long-submerged secrets to rise to the surface. As the townspeople untangle themselves from this complex web of lies, the truth behind a life-shattering tragedy is finally revealed—along with the series of events that conspired to place the teen at the center of an ongoing drama.

The captivating third installment of the Secrets, Secrets, Secrets series, Coree is a continuation of the events of the previous books, JoeE and MaryAna. Character-driven and complex, this novel showcases the intricate connections that bind these individuals together—and the scintillating secrets that form the fabric of a small town.

May 2023

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