Context: How to Understand the Bible (paperback) James L. Nicodem
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Context: How to Understand the Bible (paperback) James L. Nicodem

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How do we understand a book as complex as the Bible? History, laws, poetry, prophecy, apocalypse, letters... and all of it written thousands of years ago!

The answer is context.


In this uncomplicated, clarifying book, Pastor Jim Nicodem explains how to accurately interpret a Bible passage by unpacking its various contexts.

  • Start with its historical setting: author, recipient, date, and purpose
  • Then determine its literary genre: law, narrative, prophecy, poetry, gospel, or epistle.
  • Finally, identify the key theological issues.

Sound difficult? Not once you employ the simple study tools the book includes.


Perfect for everyone, from first-time Bible readers to Bible study leaders, Context is a wonderful tool to help with basic Bible reading or more in-depth study.