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Come Along (Paperback) Jane Rubietta

Come Along (Paperback) Jane Rubietta

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A Bible study for helping women connect with God more intimately and live more freely, from the critically acclaimed author of Come Closer.

Fall in love with Jesus–again, and again, and again
Through ten illuminating encounters, walk into Jesus’ life, love and delight! Laugh, grow, and rest in Christ’s presence as you share these vivid meetings with the One who loves you more than life itself. With humor and spiritual depth, Jane Rubietta passionately draws you into the hope of a freeing relationship with Christ—freedom from false expectations into the brilliance of being fully loved.

Let Jesus delight in you.
Leave your hurry-worry path.Take Jesus’ hand and Come Along on a journey into intimacy, hope, and passion. Exchange your worn-out, must-do faith for real radiance. Solid biblical teaching, heart-rending stories and sound application in each chapter make Come Along a vital companion for personal, small group, and Bible study use.


December 2023

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