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Code of Honor (hardcover) Harold Coyle

Code of Honor (hardcover) Harold Coyle

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Harold Coyle, "New York Times" bestselling author of "Against All Enemies, Trial by Fire, " and "Bright Star, " is America's acclaimed master of the war novel. In "Code Of Honor, " Coyle delivers battlefield realism and excitement in a story that echoes the complex U.S. military mission in today's world.... A corrupt and fractured government in Bogota, Colombia, requests a small expeditionary force of U.S. troops to combat drug lords and a growing insurgency. It's a scenario for disaster: an unstable elusive enemy...a political and military minefield. The 11th Air Assault Division is called on to act as a police force, even when Brigadier General Scott Dixon reports back from a fact-finding mission that it's a war America can't win. But for a paper-pushing U.S. Major General in Bogota, no initiative is too risky to safeguard his career. Then Captain Nancy Kozak -- under assault in the field, but determined to avert defeat and protect the soldiers in her command -- dares to defy him. With careers hanging in the balance, Kozak is struggling to survive an explosive clash that pits resolve against prejudice, and honor against ambition....

September 2022

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