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Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba (DVD)

Cirque du Soleil - La Nouba (DVD)

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Spectacle-makers Cirque du Soleil push the sheer abundance of eye-candy to the maximum in La Nouba. While some astonishing physical feat is underway, a host of colorful clown characters dart in and out at the fringes of the stage. For some viewers, this will only enhance the experience--others will find them an annoying distraction, particularly the lackluster quartet of white-faced clowns who almost never go away. This, combined with some overly busy camerawork, threatens to undermine the show; but the acrobatics are topnotch as ever. The German Wheel, phenomenal bicyclists, trapeze acts, flying straps, tightrope walkers (including a sequence in which a woman does a hand-stand on top of a tightrope walker's head), chair-balancing, and a particularly impressive extended trampoline routine will make La Nouba satisfying. --Bret Fetzer



July 2022

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